Firebird City

W 9076 Hwy A, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Phone 608-883-2338  .  .  .  Fax  608-883-6963


Save on all your custom car applications

We specialize in parts for FIREBIRD, TRANS AM,

You pick  .  .  .  you pull  .  .  .

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You save big money at Firebird City!


July 2011 Area Map Camero Firebirds Trans AM Alycia Rose Motors Car Crushing Sale Tires, Rims, Mags


Firebird City has a Spring & Fall car crushing clearance sale

If you're interested, don't wait

come take a look before they're out of here


Link to Alycia Rose Motors

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Wreck of the Week 

Death Car


The New A.R.M. Firebird City Area Map Alycia Rose Motors Camero Firebirds Trans AM Tires, Rims, Mags Car Crushing Sale Wreck of the Week